Fighting crime with color: police paint over graffiti - KOMO News

He walked along a new narrow path powering Columbia Junior Secondary School inside Fife, picked up a roller brush, as well as went alongside to work.

"Typically you will not visit a lot of police chiefs going out as well as fostering associated with paint situations like this first-hand upon private property," mentioned Steven Van Zanten, police services specialist. Graffiti Read More is not just a widespread problem throughout Fife, officers said, yet when it can happen, your town tries to address it as quickly as possible. Therefore whenever a resident reported an issue along a new path popular with regard to kids walking for you to school, law enforcement chief decided not really to wait for a meeting or even a contract or approval through area brass.

FIFE, Wash. "It's something that takes thirty seconds to do also it impacts the ton of individuals why not necessarily do it?"

Chief Mark Mears invested with regards to $50 of their own cash to purchase the paint, Van Zanten said, and requested officers to get rid in the graffiti as quickly as possible.

A Facebook photo of the cops caught in the act regarding kindness rapidly generated buzz in the capital of scotland- just 9,400 people. -- Patrick Gilbert fashions himself much more as officer compared to painter.

"This was a first," stated Gilbert. "But it's his goal to make our area as beautiful and livable as possible."

He chose to take paint straight find into his or perhaps the woman's own hands.

"Thanks pertaining to creating a difference! you are generally appreciated!" wrote another.

This week he ended up being motivated to trade one role for the other.

"It's worth it for that kids," said Gilbert, "definitely to obtain out as well as help them to that guy out and create a difference."

. reaction about social media ended up being swift -- and also sweet.

"Way for you to go Officer Gilbert! Remain safe! An Individual are generally an amazing role model!" wrote 1 person.

Both officers say it was a very first with regard to their particular careers.

Gilbert, who has been in law enforcement with regard to nine years, hung up the actual handcuffs Tuesday and also replaced these people having a paint can

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